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Our story over the years

1993   First edition of the Harvest Festival  !

2005   Collaboration with the SAQ and the choice of cheese  

   2008   The Fête des Vendanges is the largest gourmet site in Quebec

2009   Winner of the Grand Prix du tourisme des Cantons-de-l'Est for a second year   

2011   Collaboration with Véronique Cloutier for  spokesperson   

   2012   Winner of the Grand Prix du tourisme québécois for a second consecutive year  

2015   Jean-Paul Scieur, as part of the Harvest Festival, accepts the Omer Prize for his involvement in the region    

   2018   The Harvest Festival is celebrating its 25th anniversary!  

    2022   Retour post pandémie avec une formule extérieure 

    2023   Nominé à titre d’Événement Gastronomique de l’Année au Gala de la Gastronomie Québécoise

                           La Fête célèbre son 30e anniversaire ! 

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Fête des Vendanges's Mission

 Fête des vendanges is defined as the platform par excellence for the development and discovery of Quebec viticulture resulting in the organization of a festive event offering visitors an exceptional gourmet experience.

The Festival transmits to visitors the passion of producers for their profession and their products

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